SWCD applies to many grant programs on behalf of land owners.  In the case of many of these programs, a landowner can only apply through SWCD.  Programs change frequently and SWCD helps identify the best options and navigate the application process.  If interested in financial assistance, please contact us so that we may provide you with more detailed information about current opportunities.


SWCD provides maps and information about natural resources including soil, water, and topography.  Floodplain mapping is also available.

Additionally, landowners in Cortland County can request technical assistance from SWCD for projects where natural resource conservation is a concern.  Projects involving stream work, storm water, or excavation are projects where SWCD could offer technical assistance.

If you have questions about your private well, SWCD can point you towards the appropriate organization to help you.


Cortland County is rich with agricultural land.  SWCD has numerous programs and services designed to enhance, protect, and preserve this resource. Our programs are dedicated to providing agricultural landowners with the assistance they need to plan for future generations. Water quality protection and improvement are a primary goal in all areas of environmental and agricultural planning. SWCD utilizes the Agricultural Environmental Management (AEM) Program to assist agricultural producers in inventorying and identifying potential on-farm water quality risks. Through AEM, SWCD identifies other programs that may help to address concerns identified on the farm and may provide technical assistance for the planning and implementation of Best Management Practices (BMPs) that will reduce or prevent the impacts of potential pollutants.

Examples of BMP’s are; barnyard runoff management, milkhouse waste collection and treatment, nutrient management, silage leachate collection and treatment, stream buffers and prescribed grazing management.

To visit the AEM page, CLICK HERE.