Register now for the DEC Erosion and Sediment Control Training and/or the New York State Dig Safely Certified Excavator Program! Both events will be held on Wednesday, February 27th in the NYS Grange Auditorium.  The deadline for registration is February 19th.  To register, send the completed registration form with payment to Cortland SWCD.  For more information, please read the posts on each event on our Blog page.

Tree and shrub seedlings are on sale now!  To order, send the completed order form with payment to Cortland SWCD.  Please visit our Annual Tree & Shrub Sale page for more information.


Cortland County SWCD is your local conservation and natural resource agency.  Feel free to peruse our website to see just a sampling of the types of information and services SWCD can provide.  Our programs and services are based on the needs and interests of county residents and communities, so feel free to contact us if you have questions or ideas!  Technical assistance is available free of charge and our programs are strictly voluntary.  SWCD is non-regulatory based on our belief that the most successful conservation is borne from self-motivation and personal stewardship ethics.            -Amanda