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Milk House Wastewater

Milk House Waste  Milk House Waste

The wastewater from washing dairy milking equipment and the milking parlor after each milking contains milk waste, animal waste and cleaning products. This water can be a problem for dairy farmers without a suitable method of disposal. The high oxygen demand and large amounts of nutrients, fats, and detergents can pose an environmental risk if not taken care of properly.

Wastewater needs to be properly managed to ensure not only the health of the environment, but also of the farmer and the livestock.  Collection and treatment systems need to be adequate to handle the amount of waste water being processed and treated by each particular operation.

Options for management and disposal of wastewater can include piping to manure storage, irrigation, collection and pumping systems, and collection and treatment systems.  Secondary treatment after solids removal is often provided by vegetated filter areas and organic matter beds, such as bark beds.  In some areas, wetlands are constructed to provide a means for the natural dilution and treatment of wastewater.

Contact the Soil and Water Conservation District at (607) 756-5991 if you have concerns regarding milk house waste water management.


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